Jessica Ariel (liret) wrote,
Jessica Ariel

Dear Livejournal:


I have not done anything resembling a real-life update in months, and have failed at checking in with lj in general. I'm sorry! I've had kind of a lot going on in real life and in my head, but it's mostly petty annoying things that don't seem worth making an entry about. And then when there was something I might want to post I would think 'Oh, I can't update with that, I still haven't talked about these ten other things!" and then I don't update at all.

So, I'm just going to admit that I will never catch up. Though if there's anything you have been wondering or think I should post about please let me know! In the meantime, let's start with something small: I got a new hat.

It's my favorite, though I am trying to not let my other lovely purple hats feel abandoned.
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