Jessica Ariel (liret) wrote,
Jessica Ariel

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It starts with something simple. I'm hungry. I should see what I want to make for dinner.

So I start looking up recipes. I find an interesting nutrition blog, and then read someone's comment about having cupcakes confiscated by the TSA. I wonder if TSA agents get to eat the food they confiscate? I wonder how people become TSA agents, anyway?

Their website doesn't say a lot about that, but they do have places where they're hiring. One's a town in Alaska I've never heard of - I wonder what it would be like to live there? They only have two restaurants, but according to posts on this message board I find, the pizza one is actually really good. But it sounds like the coffee isn't so good. Can I live in a town that doesn't have good coffee? I suppose I could make my own. I wonder how hard it is to buy coffee beans there? I bet the shipping and handling is a pain.

I wonder if I could grow coffee beans? Can people actually do that? It looks like they can, but you need a tropical environment. I should get a greenhouse. I can set it up to do hydroponic gardening. I like hydroponics. It's a nice word, and it seems very efficient. But it might be hard to get the hang of. I should take a class.

I wonder if I could find a gardening school? Oh, there's a lovely one. They're having a class in 'plant nutrient management' next week, but it doesn't say how much it will cost. Oh, I can't go, it's a Friday, I have the hair appointment. Oh. Also, the school is San Francisco. I don't live in San Francisco. But it looks pretty. I would rather move there then Alaska. They have a lot of coffee shops. Why was I looking up coffee, anyway?

It probably wasn't important. Besides, I'm getting hungry. I should see what I want to make for dinner.
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